A native of Washington, D.C., Tony Addison grew up in a home where music was always prevalent.   Although he was surrounded by music, Tony found that he was more interested in sports and had a special love for amateur boxing.  He remembers running through the house as a kid and stopping in front of the TV.  He noticed a man wearing a white suit playing drums that looked like him (a Black man) and he thought that looked so cool, but he went on playing and never gave it a second thought.  Looking back, he realized that image had a profound impact on him, and he hopes that he has the same positive impact on young people as well. 

Tony’s love of entertainment and music landed him dancing on a local television show for several years.  He always enjoyed listening to hip hop, go-go, rap, funk, and R&B. Tony was introduced to jazz through Washington, D.C.’s summer job program called Lettum Play.  This program not only taught teens to play an instrument but focused on learning and performing jazz music as well as the history of jazz.  He went on to study at Washington Music Conservatory, the University of the District of Columbia and through private lessons.  He has been very fortunate to have played with Dizzy Gillespie, Stanley Turrentine, Webster Young, Freddie and Lionel Cole and a host of others.  Over the years, he has also performed for various U.S. Presidents, many public and private events including Blues Alley, the Kennedy Center, Metro Stage, Studio Theatre and Anacostia Playhouse to name a few.  Tony volunteers his service for local hospitals, senior centers, and nursing homes.  He enjoys serving in the music ministry at his church and sharing his love of music as a private drum instructor.


TOny addison