“All of the songs on this project, HE IS LOVE,  are dedicated to bringing people closer to God. This is my journey that I want to take others on in praising the Lord and counting our blessings. I know I have so much to be thankful for because of God.” – Tony Addison

1) Shout To The Lord – A funky, soulful groove with a slight go-go flavor with the drums and congas. A powerful vocal solo at the end by Lori Williams with group vocals from Anthony Manough, Rosalind Roz White, and William Hubbard

  2) He Is Love – This moving title track with a soft, funky, Latin feel introduces the excellent group vocals by Lori Williams, Anthony Manough, Rosalind Roz White, and William Hubbard. The rhythm section shows its prowess on this tune with worthy horn arrangements by William Knowles.

  3) Around The World – Tasty guitar solo introduction that gets you in the mood for a very soulful journey deeply expressed through potent lead vocals by Rosalind Roz White and a sincere prayer-like narrative by Tony Addison.

4) God Is By Your Side - Blazing horn introduction that sparkles complimenting an Afro-Cuban, funky flavor with lead vocals this time by Tony Addison.

5) Land of the King – A 6/8 double time ride using a combination of African and Latin drum rhythms caressed by the gut wrenching vocal improvisation of Lori Williams with group vocal support from Anthony Manough, Rosalind Roz White, and William Hubbard. A hint of a tribute to the Gil Evans, Miles Davis arrangements for gospel fans.

6) Lost Without You – A beautiful ballad sensitively sung by Anthony Manough and narrated by Tony Addison that is a perfect combination of singing and worship. The song expresses in heartfelt words the importance of trusting in the Lord.

7) Let’s Praise Him – Sweet pop, Calypso feel with lead vocals by Lori Williams and soul stirring trumpet solo by Alvin Trask.

 8) Hallelujah– A true musical testimony about the power and glory of Jesus with a choral celebration and appreciation of praise. Lead vocals by Anthony Manough and Rosalind Roz White with another powerful narrative message by Tony Addison.

9) He Is Jesus  – A very inspirational and encouraging message of faith and trust, soulfully sung by William Hubbard, that crescendos to an exciting musical ending.

10) He’s Coming Back Again – A high energy vocal and rap statement with a combination of rhythms from Latin, funk, rock and an r&b style horn arrangement. Group vocals by Lori Williams, Anthony Manough, Rosalind Roz White, William Hubbard and a gospel rap from that crazy worship dude, Tony Addison. 


TOny addison